I take photos.  I live in Leicestershire, which I loathe quite a lot of the time, but I'm learning to love it, bit by bit.

You'll see that I like getting out into the countryside when I can but the label 'landscape photographer' makes me feel like I'm wearing slippers and a smoking a pipe.  I can only hope that my pictures have enough of me in them to somehow dodge the label.  If not - bear with me.  I'll get there.

I have no training, just a dislike of photographic cliches and a willingness to submit to them every now and then if absolutely necessary.  I only recently learnt that it was okay to look at other photographer's stuff in order to develop.  Look and hopefully forget most of it, just taking the bit I can use to inform what I do, in my way, to get across what I want to communicate.

Whatever that is.


Current Exhibitions:

"Over the Hill" Regency Town House, Hove from 29th September to 28th October 2018 as part of Brighton Photo Fringe.

Past Exhibitions:

Inside the Outside 2017 Exhibition MMX Gallery, London

Brighton Fringe 2017

Inside the Outside 2016 Exhibition, The Photo Parlour, Nottingham, 14th October until 13th November 2016

Beer is Art Spring/Summer 2016 Exhibition, Brewdog, Leicester

Leicester Handmade Festival 29th April to 1st May 2016

Beer is Art, Brewdog, Leicester, 13th Oct 2015 to March 2016

Goldsmith's College, London 10th to 13th November 2015

Cross Corners Community Arts Centre, Leicester - Dec 2014

Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester - May 2015

Leicester People's Photographic Gallery - Sept 2012

Past projects/Published work:

The Coffeehouse, A Meeting Place for the Arts, Anthology edited by Deborah Tyler-Bennett

A Sense of Place

Changing Places, Trading Spaces