Jacqui Booth is a photographer who uses the landscape to reflect her personal experience. She is interested in conveying thoughts and emotions by engaging with the landscape, telling her story and giving you the space to feel and express yours.

She works in both digital and film. Her work reflects her love of the wilder places in the UK. Most excursions begin with an OS map, starting from the edgelands and looking towards the wilderness, the lost places.

“I feel that the land is just about the only place that allows you to draw your own interpretation. The contours of the land, the ruined traces of humanity that pervade it and the foliage covering it are mute. Even the prevailing environmental factors have no voice really, other than the stories people have applied through folklore and literature. I aim to make it speak afresh, be it a howl, whisper or a lullaby...”



Off-centre Independent Photo Festival, Nottingham
"Over the Hill" Regency Town House, Hove, Part of Brighton Photo Fringe


Inside the Outside Exhibition MMX Gallery, London
Brighton Fringe


Inside the Outside Exhibition, The Photo Parlour, Nottingham
Beer is Art Spring/Summer Exhibition, Brewdog, Leicester
Handmade Festival, Leicester
Beer is Art, Winter Exhibition, Brewdog, Leicester


Goldsmith's College, London
Cross Corners Community Arts Centre, Leicester
Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester


Leicester People's Photographic Gallery


The Coffeehouse, A Meeting Place for the Arts, Anthology edited by Deborah Tyler-Bennett

A Sense of Place

Changing Places, Trading Spaces