Flowers at the Refectory Table / by Jacqui Booth

Well, yesterday, my involvement with Little Bird SOS let me to hang out in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in a garden belonging to Janet Currie and Pete Mosley.  Janet had very kindly invited us to display our handmade items for sale, and Pete has long been a supporter, dishing out carefully considered advice to Lisa and trusting me to review his book, The Art of Shouting Quietly.

Their expertly tended garden was open as part of the National Garden Society Open Gardens Scheme.  I'd had the opportunity to see it a few days earlier when installing a yarn bomb, as you do, and knew I had to take my long neglected macro lens out to see them on the Saturday.  So, after setting up stall and making sure we had enough help for the rest of the day, I headed out for what was actually a very happy and absorbing half an hour, before heading home to my abandoned children and the comparative wasteland of my own garden!