Week 18: Leicester Riverside Festival…and the EU by Jacqui Booth

Jacqui Booth / June 24, 2016

Well, this morning I opened my eyes in an unfamiliar bed and gradually remembered that I should really check my phone, for something momentous had been happening overnight and the results were due.

And so I checked.  And I felt disappointment.  I didn’t even cheer when our reviled PM resigned – just feared the further instability, particularly in the eyes of other countries.

I realise that the UK’s exit from the EU is far from cut and dried.  As usual the scare stories regarding the implications seem to be nearly as far fetched as those surrounding the terrifying Millenium Bug.  We seemed to survive that.  We’ll have a cup of tea, calm down a bit and survive this, but sadly in the knowledge that we really don’t necessarily hold the same values as half our neighbours or the generations before us and that – from my admittedly limited perspective – there are still a lot of people making poorly educated decisions out there.  But who can blame folk?  The UK press is horrifically corrupt and they’ve whipped the country into a frenzy without really managing to involve much of the truth at all.

I’m proud to see that Leicester voted Remain.  If a leave vote is poorly aimed protest against immigration, then for that to triumph here would have been inscrutable.  Even a bus ride into the city is a multicultural experience and once there you’re literally spoilt for more.  It’s not all plain sailing of course – but we’re doing bloody well at the job at just getting on with things and living together.

The UK is still the same as it was yesterday. Eyes open a bit wider perhaps.  There is still good and next year I trust that there will still be hundreds of wonderful volunteers sticking up two fingers up to hard nosed commerce and coming together to deliver the laid back wonder that is the Riverside Festival.

First up, here’s the legendary DWC, who is part of Leicester LoFi‘s very core, and worked his ass off recently to exhibit Yours and Mine for me and the house mamil.  I bumped into fellow 52 Roll-er Barnaby Nutt here who was also taking some snaps and kindly tipped me off when it looked like I might get embroiled in a conversation about toting a bellows camera!

We then headed off to hunt for my dear old Dad, who we found to be in his element showing off Serenade for the Peter Le Marchant Trust.

These two blokes haven’t met but actually live only streets away from each other – so, Dave – meet Dave!

Then me and The Teenager were off to check out the stage and the festival field…

But couldn’t leave without seeking out the Leicester Real Junk Food Project, now a year old, who save food that would otherwise have gone to waste and put it into tums.  It’s a doubly wonderful project as you Pay As You Feel – so if you’re really skint you get fed too, and if you’re solvent enough you can pay more to support such a great project.  And the people running the whole shebang are caring and lovely – I felt so looked after and even got a spontaneous arm rub with my spicy aubergine sarny, avocados and bread.

Heading back to the Park and Ride (where we asked for a price only to be treated to a free journey home as we’d joined with my Dad who’d parked there – yay for Park and Ride!) led us along the canal and through Castle Gardens.

And through the Lanes in Leicester where the iconic Very Bazaar was shutting up shop and I eschewed the now sterile but once fascinating Silver Arcade for a snap of the much more interesting Royal Arcade.

Technical Shit:
Agfa Isolette
ISO100 Acros 120 Neopan
Ilfotech 1+31 6mins, 19°
Neither film nor fix discarded prematurely = WIN!

And I debated whether or not to include this – but there ARE people in the UK who don’t know who she was and why she died still, so it’s still important to share.

‘While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us’

Jo Cox 1974 to 2016

52 Rolls Week 14: Canon AE-1 – Handmade Festival 2016 by Jacqui Booth

Well, using film is extra fun at a gig.  The terrible truth is that when I took most of the photos here I was really very drunk, so even if I knew which bands I was heading to see at the time, now I’ve sent off the film, waited, fannied around and scanned it I can now, hand on my heart, say that I have very little idea who these people are nor tell you if they were any good.  Except for the comedian Ian Hall, but that’s cheating ‘cos I sort of know him through work.

ANYWAY, I can confirm that the particular level of cider intake, an unusual choice for me, won’t be repeated in a hurry.  It was quite palatable though, even if it allegedly meant that I took rather a longer time than usual reaching the bus stop.  The words”punch drunk” were mentioned…

Huge thanks goes to Handmade’s photo curator and all round good guy Dave W Clarke, who had asked me to jointly exhibit my somewhat more sober photos at Handmade and had therefore plonked me on the guestlist.  For reasons now apparent, the house mamil was given the photo pass.  However, this made it way to me along with a roll of 800 ISO CineStill Film (colour film for low light) so I did some dancing around in the way of serious photo people in th press pit who were concentrating very hard on taking photos with digital cameras.  Well, they did the sideways poses and proper squinty faces anyway.  I employed a nonchalant walk and click, which I beginning to suspect was actually a drunken stagger and a wide grin, rather like a toddler with a new Fisher Price camera.

Some basic tweaks and a billion dust removals later*, this is what ensued…first up is Club Smashing with the aforementioned Ian Hall and Shark Lady.  I guess you had to be there…

And here are the bands…I’ll figure them out in a bit. There’s definitely Three Trapped Tigers there, and Swim Deep.

*Yeah, I left the film in the holder on the dining room table.  For a week.  This wasn’t clever, but hell – I was busy!

And, just so you can see what the film does in truly low light – eg. no stage lights, here’s me. Be kind.  I’m inebriated!

52 Rolls Week 9: Canon Ixus APS - Beer festival with the lads by Jacqui Booth

Hasselblad owners please look away now.  The following content may be disturbing.

Steps to quality photography:

1) Be given a 40 exposure APS film – a type I’d never seen before – by my neighbours.
2) Head to eBay for a 2nd hand camera.
3) Make the local Lofi group look a bit perplexed about suitable film dev reels.  They need to be smaller reels as the film is narrower than 35mm.
4) Talk to a mate about the horrors of scanning APS film.  It lives in its tiny reel post exposure so is as curly as you like.
5) Send the lot off to Photo Express in Hull to be developed.
6) Experience the joy of receiving photos through the post like the olden days.  Okay, they were on a CD, but you know…

Ah yes – there’s the middle bit – the taking photos.  For this level of technical photographic excellence I needed a Beer Festival in the Polish Club on the terribly inappropriately named True Lovers Walk in Loughborough and some really old drinking buddies.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure I’ve spent more than a few hours with this lot sober in the 20+ years I’ve known them.  Ahem.  As beer was clearly the priority here, the camera was put on the table, like a disposable camera at a wedding, and we did our worst…

I felt a bit bad about ambushing this poor man, but hey – he’s behind the bar at a beer festival.  It can’t be the worst thing that’s happened to him.

I did try and take some outside but I think my judgement was a bit off…the “Rubber Queen” bike wheel is less amusing when sober, and True Lover’s Lane is a bit horrid.

I’m particularly proud of the finger slightly over the lens.

We valiantly tried to bez through the 40 exposures but there were three left at the end.  There’s a setting on the camera to take C, H and P (panoramic?) printand the manual says that this can be changed mid rolls.  As you can see, the results are stunningly diverse.




Right, next time I’ll use a camera that’s a bit more proper.  Promise!

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